Adios  -  Shutdown Timer


Release:      2020-02-03

Size:             503 kB

License:      freeware

OS:                Windows + .NET


Distribution allowed only with original installation-file without any changes. The authors name must be 

mentioned and you are not allowed to make money with the software.





To be installed on PC

To be used portable (USB-Stick or cloud)

Main process (user)

Separate process (timer)

Try this Shutdown Timer. It offers what you need!

- Timers are started as separate processes.

- Three time modes:  idle / time / clock

- Main actions: shutdown / restart / lock / logoff / hibernate / sleep / monitor off

- Create links on desktop (1-click) and as startup (automatic started at boot time)

- Set time limit for child protection

- Wait for download, then shutdown

- Start a process (application), then shutdown

- bilingual: English / Deutsch

- speech assistance

- 24-hours or AM/PM clocktime


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    Haendel (Samstag, 19 Oktober 2019 13:29)

    (desktop.) -- creates a shortcut-icon on the desktop with predefined action. Us it with one click.
    (startup). -- same automatically

  • #1

    no need (Montag, 14 Oktober 2019)

    What do the Desktop and Startup buttons?