Glocal  Loan Calculation


Release:       2019-06-14

Size:              541 kB

License:        Freeware

OS:                 Windows

Freeware: everybody can use the application free without any costs.

The copyright remains to the author. Distributers must mention the author's name.

Nobody is allowed to make money with this sofware.

Application calculates different targets of loans

1.  with regular payments

2. baloon

3. lease


A loan has four signigficant values: amount / interest rate / number of payments / payment.

You need three of these to calculate the remaining one. You choose the target using the

radiobuttons. As interest rates the application knows three different raes:

1. the nominal interest rate I

2. the effective interest rate IR (commonly used internal rate / good approximation )

3. the real effective interest rate IRX (must be iterated using an algorithm)